What’s hot, and not, at the AAF NYC

Showcasing more than fifty galleries from around the world, the sixteenth addition of the Affordable Art Fair NYC opened its doors this week at The Tunnel in Chelsea. The mission of the AAF is to expose up-and-coming artists to the market by making their work accessible to collectors looking to invest in original, contemporary works and spending as little as $100 – $10,000.

Setting itself apart for The Armory Show, which showcases only the leading professionals in the business, the AAF provides a platform for emerging galleries and artists to create their breakthroughs in the business.

Jason Dick of the Art Angler gallery in Manhattan is exhibiting a collection of works by Spanish artist, Xavi Carbonell whose focus is on challenging the viewer with his child-like paintings and confronting us with memories of our very first drawing attempts. Carbonell works around this idea of the child, unrestrained by the notion of what art is, fisting the crayon in his/her hand and recklessly scratching the surface. Art Angler is one of the youngest galleries in the East Village representing mainly emerging contemporary artist from Spain.


photo 1

Last year, as part of the Times Square Moment: A Digital Gallery, the film Universal Pulse (watch below) made its debut to the world. What made this film so unique and different from others, were the graphic interventions made in a collaborative effort between Brazilian artists Bel Borba, Burt Sun and Andre Constantini. This year at the AAF NYC Larissa Martina of the RV Culturae Arte Gallery (Salvador, Brazil) represents the trio with photographs from the original film, which uses a combination of photography and graphic intervention to animate and manipulated cityscapes. As we begin to see more examples of similar collaborations between visual artists of different mediums, I can’t help to think whether this may be the next big thing?

photo 3

In addition to all the original work at the AAF NYC, there was some copy-cat[ism] going on, stuff that loudly echoed the work of some leading icons like Lichtenstein, Picasso and Keith Haring. Think outside the box. Buy only original work.

The Affordable Art Fair is open through the weekend from 11 am to 8 pm. General admission is $15.