Snapshots of Contemporaneity: Thomas Lévy Lasne’s ‘Hic et nunc’

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Thomas Lévy-Lasne’s monography at Clamart, a suburb of Paris seven minutes away by train, displays the artist’s works from 2010 to today. The title ‘Hic et nunc’, Latin for ‘Here and Now’, displays works that holds a mirror to the quotidian. The collection includes watercolors, charcoals, drawings and oil paintings of contemporary subjects and often over-looked banal scenes. Lévy-Lasne is driven to document his gaze of the world around him, and render it truthfully in his paintings and drawings.

A former student of the Beaux-Arts in Paris, Thomas Lévy-Lasne became increasingly interested in figurative painting and turned to old master’s oeuvres for inspiration. At the same time that he follows masters of the past, he remains up to date with the zeitgeist— global trends in visual arts as well as literature, film and politics in order to continue developing his technique through his artworks.

At the art center Albert Chanot, spectators are greeted by a blown up mural of his latest watercolor, Fête 65 (2014). The colors form the mural are cast upon the walls which chronologically display the artist’s canon throughout the sunny art center. Those interested in visiting should visit the art center’s website for directions form Paris and opening times. ‘Hic et nunc’ will be on display until December 21, 2014.

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Snapshots of Contemporaneity: Thomas Lévy Lasne’s ‘Hic et nunc’

By Caitlin Duerler