Opening: Thursday, June 18th, 2015, 7-10pm

Outlaw Arts Gallery will be papered with black photography set paper and low lit with yellow vintage filament lights. Located at the entrance is a confrontational, eight-foot high black wood “X” (with serifs) with a cauldron with lights in it pointing up like boiling flames and fog machine. Everything is painted matte black. Satan favors our efforts: All hail satan!

Isabel: black street-grid paper cut-outs
Schuldinger: black abstract relief paintings
Poesia: dark abstractions
Avoid: dark collages with Black Flag themes
Droid: SOS zine cover black silkscreens
Cash4: dark portraits and iconographic pile ups
Ntel: paintings/drawings and our print collaboration
Mag3: nighttime street graff photography
NohJColey: black wood sculpture and small prints
Micah: dark deconstructed cartoons, maybe a shield-of-arms
Royce: Afterlife paintings
Skewville: black prints and wood converse
Wells: electronic sound sculpture
(which will create the dark soundtrack for the exhibition as well)
EKG: small drawings, prints, tshirts, zines e

By Appointment: June 19th through June 28th.
Outlaw Arts Gallery, 44 Bowery, second Floor, just south of Canal Street, Manhattan.

Gallerist: Robert Aloia, who curated the 21st Precinct show, Paths Of Rhythm at Fuse, Outlaw Art at White Box, and many others.