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  • Andy Golub: Everyday is Bodypainting Day

    Ali Cayenne body painting by Andy Golub, photo: Harry Martin

    In the last few years, Andy Golub has become notoriously known as New York’s body painter and for having “stressful conversations with the police” for doing no wrong but only what he loves; painting on humans. His most recent project, Body Painting Day, was funded by a successful Kickstarter campaign, which brought together hundreds of […]

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  • Open Call: The Manifest Project

    The Manifest Project

    Organized by Marcano Maldonado Art Project mmartproject@gmail.com 407.432.9649 When: Miami Art Basel Week December 2-6,2015 Where: Spectrum Art Fair The preference for certain colors over others are driven by three factors: architecture, nature and the people who enrich the culture. Manifest Project is an international installation that reflects the many different manifestations of color and […]

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    Opening: Thursday, June 18th, 2015, 7-10pm Outlaw Arts Gallery will be papered with black photography set paper and low lit with yellow vintage filament lights. Located at the entrance is a confrontational, eight-foot high black wood “X” (with serifs) with a cauldron with lights in it pointing up like boiling flames and fog machine. Everything […]

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  • Sek3: From Graffiti Kid to Gallery Owner & Why To Invest In Street Art

    Sek3 QueensCourage

    From a graffiti kid in the 90’s to gallery owner and just a straight up guy, Sek3 has served the New York Street Art scene for well, most of his life, with no signs of ever slowing down. Recently, the artist landed a major project in Nigeria, where he painted a tribute commissioned by the […]

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  • Kukula: Art By No Ordinary Girl

    Things Dragged, Not Said - Kukula

    Upon entering the fantasy world of Connecticut-based illustrator, Kukula, there are eerie feelings of resignation, sadness and, in a strange way, love. Perhaps you can think of Alice in Wonderland only if falling down the rabbit hole led to a world of war. Kukula is an Israeli – America artist born just outside Tel Aviv. […]

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  • Artist Michael Alan On The Watch

    Michael Alan Art

    Just a quick visit to Michael Alan’s art studio, or his social-media presence, is guaranteed to prove that abstract painting is still alive amongst contemporary artists. The city never seizes to amaze with its art culture, and if we could have a top ten list of artists to invest in, artist Michael Alan – “an alien […]

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    Maho's drawing

    Compared to the mug, her hands look tiny. She smiles soothingly and sips the lukewarm tea. Everything about Maho oozes elegance and her je ne sais quoi reminds me of what she’s famous for: cute, frivolous peanuts. They dance and think, laugh and celebrate. They’re born entertainers and try to make the most of ‘the […]

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  • The Red Host

    Drawing by Eva Depoorter

    Towering bones sit on his white skin. She squirms erratically and wets her lips. His sticky saliva pairs well with the absinthe. She sighs and eats the crumbs off his face.   Would the Red Host like another piece of sachertorte?     Egon Schiele: Portraits at Neue Galerie October 9, 2014 – January 19, […]

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  • So, what’s your plan?

    what's your plan

    Most artists don’t have a plan. I don’t have a plan. I have ideas. I have so many ideas that I wear my sunglasses in the train to protect myself from being too inspired. When I walk to work, I avoid looking up because I might suffer from what I call trigger overload. I usually […]

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  • Lyle Carbajal’s “Artless” Paintings (1)


    Lyle Carbajal ( RomancingBanality.com ) has a relatively major show—“Romancing Banality”–coming up in October in New Orleans, where he currently lives. The installation that will be on exhibit—25 paintings and the recreated structure/exterior of a butcher shop in Mexico City–embodies many of the essential ideas about his work. He cites outsider art and primitive art […]

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  • The Sick Bunnies Road Show proudly presents: How to Deal with Randomness

    Sonia's Bunnies

    Motionless bunnies moan to the beat. Holes in bags reveal anonymous snouts. Emma licks the pole and clasps her hips. Just like the ocean, her lips are obscenely present. Wet paws press to the damp sand. She twirls in circles and reaches for the head on the plate. Blood stains on his white fur. Or […]

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  • Fei Li: At War With The Obvious


    -How anything is so meaningful- Vibrant strokes of subtle adorn the canvas: a harmonious mayhem of anything. The installation near the window is equally intriguing. “Is it a forest?” I ask her. “It could be -It serves as a still life for my painting.” “Is it for sale?” “No, I will destroy it after the […]

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  • Esteban del Valle: Bridging Painting and Film


    Esteban del Valle is one of the interdisciplinary artists who works in painting and video art. Many recognize his murals on the busy New York streets. del Valle has been able to accomplish painting and film, which is something that many artists only dream about. “I’ve had mixed feelings about bridging the two worlds but […]

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  • TINDERELLA: Solo Show by Anna Gensler, aka @Instagranniepants


    Anna Gensler’s process is perhaps best described in her own words: How to objectify men who objectify women in 3 easy steps: 1. Man sends crude opening line via Tinder. 2. Draw him naked. 3. Send portrait to lucky man and enjoy results. When Anna got tired of receiving obscene and sleazy messages on her […]

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  • Artist Rich Simmons in “London Calling”


    Soho Contemporary Art introduces artist Rich Simmons in his first solo exhibition in the United States, “London Calling.” Rich Simmons, a rising star in the international art scene, is coming off of three very successful solo shows in the United Kingdom. In “London Calling,” Rich Simmons is bringing his latest works to the Bowery, which […]

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