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  • Miru, Shards and I – See One: Made in New York


    When someone asks where you are from and you are from New York but you ain’t no transplant, you say “born and raised”. Born and raised is also Brooklyn’s See One and so is his iconic, little dragon, Miru which was originally inspired by Japanese cartoon characters. But while Miru’s been gaining popularity in and […]

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  • The Art of Lindsey Warren


    Lindsey Warren uses real life experiences and views of objects as inspiration for her art. They are not things that she specifically goes looking for all of the time. With the use of a smartphone camera, she is able to capture an idea to use later. Color patterns and shapes are what grab her attention […]

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  • Finding Your Niche in The Arts: Interview with Alex & Lorelei Gruss of Lex56, Brooklyn


    What is now Lex56 used to be the studio and workshop of Alex Gruss and his wife, Lorelei. In 2013, they embarked on the idea of inviting other artist in their space as a way to support their community.

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  • Mike Perry: Wondering Around Wondering

    You might know him as the graphic designer or the contemporary artist whose work has been published in books and covered anything from billboards to snow boards. Actually, a close friend of mine told me she was introduced to Mike Perry in her graphic design class at Pratt Institute. Perry is a young Brooklyn-ite passionate […]

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