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  • PJ Linden: Where Art meets Meticulous Design


    Inspired by nature and aquatic life, PJ Linden has tapped into a niche somewhere between fine art and design, and because of her perfectionist skills, it is often assumed her work is machine made. “It’s just a platform where my obsessive compulsiveness lives” the artist says of the meticulous nature-inspired pattern designs. “[My medium] has […]

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  • Zeren Badar: A New Type of Still Life

    sweat sex by zeren badar

    Red number 5 and blue number 13 atop Van Gogh’s self-portrait. In the making of his photographic collage works, New York – based artist, Zeren Badar, uses “cheaply-printed” master paintings, contemporary foods, and other found objects highlighting the absurdity of the  concept of consumerism against early 20th century social conventions. What are the biggest challenges of collage […]

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  • Kukula: Art By No Ordinary Girl

    Things Dragged, Not Said - Kukula

    Upon entering the fantasy world of Connecticut-based illustrator, Kukula, there are eerie feelings of resignation, sadness and, in a strange way, love. Perhaps you can think of Alice in Wonderland only if falling down the rabbit hole led to a world of war. Kukula is an Israeli – America artist born just outside Tel Aviv. […]

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  • Not Your Average High School Art – ​Sebastian Eriksson Artwork

    Sebastian Eriksson

    Do you remember what life was like when you were a teen? I sure do! I remember feelings of depression, being confused and in a continuous search for ways to manifest my ‘true’ self. ​ This is a completely different story for Sebastian Eriksson, a nineteen-year-old surrealist painter from Sweden, who says he started drawing […]

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  • Katarina Hybenova – Art, Law, And Media: Yes, They Go Together

    Elli Perry

    Katarina Hybenova was born in Slovakia and moved to New York to pursue her studies in law. However, somewhere along the way she swerved off that path and began to explore photography and writing. She is now the founder of a local blog and the product of her own creativity: Bushwick Daily. How did art and […]

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  • 21st Precinct Art Exhibit


    Another independently curated, street art show by Robert Aloia is hitting New York THIS WEEKEND! 21st Precinct Art Exhibit. (This is a massive installation in a building to be demolished at the end of the month) Music By: Miranda Maxwell & Natasha Diggs Artist List: Adam Dare, Al Diaz, Amanda Marie, ASVP, Bad Pedestrian, Ben […]

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  • The Mural Project at Governors Ball 2014

    Governors Ball 2014 - The Mural Project at Succulent Studios

    Returning for the fourth time since its inauguration in 2011, the 2014 Governors Ball brought a hell of a show and offered concert goers insane street art. For the first time EVER, the festival’s producers at Founders Entertainment teamed up with local artists to promote NYC’s highly acclaimed street art. They feature some big industry […]

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  • Illustration by Darby Krow Designs


    The illustration of Los Angeles based, Darby Krow has caught some fire on Instagram for its “cute/macabre” celebrity portraits with a deeply set sense of humor. Darby Krow says living in L.A. is not much of an influence but he enjoys making portraits of his “heroes” amongst which are Marilyn Monroe, David Bowie and the […]

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  • The Mural Project – 2014 Governors Ball

    Artist: John Paul O'Grodnick

    Want to see the artwork from the 2014 Governors Ball? The Mural Project closing party is Friday, July 11th at Succulent Studios in Green Point. (67 West Street, Suite 522 – 5th Floor) ARTWORK WILL BE ON DISPLAY UNTIL FRIDAY, JULY 18TH. Credit: Art above by John Paul O’Grodnick

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  • Agy Sioud – Head Sculpture

    Photography: Regina Wypych

    Sculpture [found her] in undergraduate school, although she later continued to earn her Master’s Degree in landscape architecture. In her work, Poland native, Agy Sioud, integrates her love for the natural with her skills in sculpting, to create series of indigenous heads. Giant, human heads. Sioud’s work explores the contrasting cultural differences of African tribes […]

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  • Alex Grey Summer Solstice 2014

    Alex Grey Summer Solstice 2014

    I started a bucket list for everything I want to do while in New York, and Alex Grey’s Summer Solstice 2014 at COSM is now a check. It was our friend Lauren’s big 30th and the perfect excuse to escape into the woods to celebrate her and the first day of summer. Alex Grey Summer […]

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  • 5 Questions for Richard Rothbard founder of Contemporary Art Fair NY.

    Contemporary AF 2014 Michael Katz Medicine Buddha

    Whether art savvy or just a fan, the 2014 Contemporary Art Fair NYC sure has something for everyone. With a wide range of fine art and unique installations to applied arts, this fair offers more affordable options for anyone looking to expand or start their personal collection. Here is what Richard Rothbard, founder of Contemporary Art […]

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  • FOUND Art show

    found art show

    Following the success of PIECE, where we asked artists for all submissions to be on paper, our next show will propose all artists use found objects/media to create their works. NYC provides unlimited supplies for the resourceful artist. Whether out of necessity or curiosity artists are always innovative opportunists and the immediacy of city life […]

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  • “Wearing a suit, heading to work while holding a paint bucket- the bad pedestrian. That’s me.”


    Bad Pedestrian Gregory Moncada is a contemporary, mixed-media artist predominantly working with collages, incorporating different organic elements. He has created a visual language and system that uses scotch tape to create unique geometric patterns, and then re-creates them on a canvas using paint. Another passion of his, aside from painting, is making journals where he […]

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    March 15, 2014 – March 24, 2014 Bridging the gap between works on the street and works on canvas, paper sketches are often relegated to dusty scrapbooks and old shoeboxes. PIECE will allow viewers into the minds of select New York City artists as they demonstrate how each piece is the creative product of an […]

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