Fabulous Furniture or Fabulous Art

Leaving the city was nice. We like to escape the metropolis every once-in-a-while. This time around we travelled two-and-a-half hours from our Brooklyn home.

There was barely any traffic and the sun was out. With little to think about on this beautiful day, Ariel and I made our way to Woodstock, NY. Home of peace, music, and art.

After a short snack break off Route 28, we found ourselves in a wonderland of handcrafted pieces spreading out in the heart of the Hudson Valley.

Ariel hit the breaks, pulled over, and exclaimed: “Oh! We have to see this!”

We hopped around from piece to piece.

This place is called Fabulous Furniture and has existed since the hippie days (1971 to be specific) and is both the home and the workplace of “self taught artist, woodworker, sculptor and car builder,” Steve Heller. His medium are recycled metals, rusty tools, and random car parts used to create unique sculptures and outdoor, state-of-the-art furniture.

Heller runs the shop with the help of his wife, writer Martha Frankel, and his right-hand-man, Mike Karpf.

With their collective innovativeness and extraordinary visions, Heller and his small team have managed to create many big things; from alien space rockets to funky-fresh monsters, this place is nothing short of a wonderland.

Granted winning prizes and acknowledgments in some fancy press like the Los Angeles and the New York Times, Steve Heller works somewhat under the radar continuing to amaze pass-byers heading north on Route 28.

Go ahead, stop by to say hello; Heller is always happy to show you around.