Miru, Shards and I – See One: Made in New York


When someone asks where you are from and you are from New York but you ain’t no transplant, you say “born and raised”.

Born and raised is also Brooklyn’s See One and so is his iconic, little dragon, Miru which was originally inspired by Japanese cartoon characters.


But while Miru’s been gaining popularity in and around the street of New York, back in 2009 the artist started incorporating his own signature style called ‘Shards’: swirling, jagged shapes of color resembling broken shards of glass.

We met See One at a Bushwick event while he was still working on one of his latest pieces alongside visionary artist, Chris Dyer and NYC body painting-mogul, Andy Golub.

Lately you’ve been working on illustration, murals and canvas, which would you say is the most gratifying and why?

Murals [are the most gratifying] since they take the largest effort and time commitment to complete. I really love illustration but once I start drawing I’m just ready for more, although with the impending comic series release in 2016, I think this answer will be leaning harder on illustration by this time next year.

What would you say is the mission of street art, especially here in New York?

Not sure, I came from graffiti and all my styles evolved from there. Therefore, usually my only mission is to cover as many walls as possible, get the flick and be out. I just like to create dynamic imagery so my work is lumped into the street art category when I’m not putting letters on the wall. I think street artists usually have a message with their work, I don’t have a message, I just love to create.


You’ve lived in New York all your life. How have you seen the art scene change?

Watered down! Don’t get me wrong, some super talented folks are popping up everywhere, but there is a definite quantity over quality thing happening with that.


As See One continues to grow in the art world, one of his newest project dips a finger in the fashion world now able to see his signature style on cool shades, leggings and more.

For more, please visit www.seeoneart.com