Reuse and recycle: Francisco de Pajaro “Art Is Trash”

Francisco de Pajaro "Art is Trash"

How can you tell a good piece of art from a piece trash? Is there a difference between found objects, recycled materials and umm…trash?

Francisco de Pajaro, aka “Art is Trash”, is a Barcelona-based artist that transforms piles of OUR trash into works of art before the garbage truck rides off. No sugarcoating, no gimmicks. Straight up trash!

Art is Trash Francisco de Pajaro

With the minimal use of paints or any other art materials, the artist rearranges boxes and bags, and other random finds, into witty humanized creatures socializing and connecting with the every-day world. They are temporary, public art installations meant to shock, amuse and surprise with the dramatic scenarios you catch them in.

We caught up with the “Art is Trash” artist after his recent show in New York.

Art is Trash Francisco de Pajaro

Art is Trash – Francisco de Pajaro

1. How did Art Is Trash begin? What is the message behind it?

Art is Trash started by the lack of economic resources, art galleries that did not give me a chance, and consequently, my frustration as an artist. The message I want to deliver is that the art I create on the streets is trash on top of trash, and it must die at the dump. It does not have to be placed in the living room of a house. This is urban art, an ephemeral action where the intention of the message is the surprise. When a person takes a part of a facility, what that person is doing is taking the chance for others to enjoy it. It’s one more proof of human greed, of human consumption.

Francisco de Pajaro "Art is Trash"2. What happens after you finish an Art is Trash piece, you turn around and you leave?

Generally, I leave quickly. I do not want to be seen in that place, what matters is the object, the painting, not me.

3. What is the most inappropriate place you would like to tag?

I do not prefer a place. For you as for me, everything is a surprise, an accident. The more obstacles it has to create, the more exciting is to me. Art is Trash is a state of mind, intuitive and wild.