Aesthetic Protest by Matthew Denton Burrows

Aesthetic Protest


“Speak the truth event if your voice shakes.”

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Product Description

Artist: Matthew Denton Burrows

Dimensions: 8″ x 8:

Medium: Art print 5/10 (original colored pencil and ink)

This image is an ode to the street artist.
The willingness of someone to paint their
artistic message for free, in public, for the
public, is to me, a political statement in and
of itself. I think it is a beautiful thing.
I think we need more actions like this.
I remember completing the first mural
I ever did and having this overwhelmingly
gratifying, but simultaneously confusing
feeling. I did not make this for money.
So what did I spend five days, ten hours
a day, doing this for? It’s a hard feeling
to put into words, and I’m sure everyone’s
experience is a little different, but
next time you get a chance to express
yourself through any creative avenue
and share it with the public, asking
nothing in return, do it. It feels great.

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Dimensions 8 x 8 in


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