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  • Misha Tyutyunik

    Influenced by Social Realism, German Expressionism, Art Nouveau, Popular Culture, Abstract Expressionism, and Japanese prints, (among others) I blend graphic, figurative painting with sweeping landscapes and nostalgic environments, that speak to the sensibilities of the human condition. Utilizing subdued colors, intense brush strokes, and detailed patterns, I create thought provoking reflections of Americana culture that challenge convention.

    The content and subject matter of my paintings is largely dictated by current events and social/political constructs, the individuals that we make figureheads to represent us, and how they later become the ones to take the brunt of our blame – in essence, I explore the concept of ‘modern mythology’. Be it Obama or batman, iron man or Stalin, George Bush or Brad Pitt, or Osama bin Laden or Captain America, we as a society, are obsessed with creating and worshipping false prophets; and make no mistake about, Obama is just as much a comic book, fictional character as Batman or Superman… I am mystified by the phenomenon of celebrity and corporate branding: how this has become a standard for looks, actions and personality traits.

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