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Inspired by nature and aquatic life, PJ Linden has tapped into a niche somewhere between fine art and design, and because of her perfectionist skills, it is often assumed her work is machine made. “It’s just a platform where my obsessive compulsiveness lives” the artist says of the meticulous nature-inspired pattern designs.

“[My medium] has a much greater lifespan then oil paint; it can even be submerged in water and heated to very high temperatures, [so] I became fascinated with the preservation possibilities.”

Your work has a very unique signature look to it. How did you initiate this style?

I started this process in 2005 exploring what I call texture fetishism and violating objects that you wouldn’t want to ever destroy. It’s become an obsession of mine to see how far I can take it. I had integrated the textural work into my paintings but it just kept evolving from a small idea into this amazing thing. Most of my inspiration now comes from aquatic life like porcupine fish or sea urchins. I mix that with a super high-level plastic medium and it winds up being something completely different that confuses people. I want to have that response of “Is it plastic, is it natural? What is it?”

Sprinkles 7D Candy Camera by PJ Linden

Sprinkles 7D Candy Camera by PJ Linden

I can see an entire building covered with this. Do you have a dream project?

One of my dreams is to do an entire vinyl covering of the Holland tunnel. I also want to do a Smart car.

Below is a toy collaboration with Scumbags and Superstars, as well as collaboration with ALIFE.

Do you see yourself more as a gallery or design artist?

I saw myself as a gallery artist because that is what I thought I always wanted.

I’m noticing how these major institutions are becoming more interested in showing artists and designers with pop celebrity status because they have a much broader base and obvious mass appeal. And although I make art which is geared toward gallery submission, it hasn’t been my primary focus.

I feel like the gallery scene is beginning to turn into something else. For example,  the Bjork retrospective at MOMA, and along with the Alexander McQueen retrospective at the MET. I just think it’s interesting how these things are taking course.

Although she’s been working hard on commissions for high-end product designs and says galleries are not at the top of her priority list, Linden has been making wave with her bubbly style, working on anything from digital cameras, 3D objects and fashion design, recently for Geoffrey Mac. Other recent collaborations include Patricia Fields and Museum of Sex, New York.



Art or design, we don’t care. PJ Linden continues to mesmerize with her brightly colorful puff paints art.

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