Maho's drawing

Compared to the mug, her hands look tiny.
She smiles soothingly and sips the lukewarm tea.
Everything about Maho oozes elegance and her je ne sais quoi reminds me of what she’s famous for: cute, frivolous peanuts.
They dance and think, laugh and celebrate.
They’re born entertainers and try to make the most of ‘the moment’.
“But why peanuts?” I ask her.
“While I was drawing the shape of a female body, somebody told me: ‘Hey, that looks like a peanut.’
The remark made her further explore the concept and she concluded something even more astonishing, something bitter sweet rather than salty.
“Just like humans, peanuts consist of 2 parts. They represent the conflict inherent to our souls.”
Maho eagerly pulls out her sketchbook and tosses down what appears to be a woman sitting in a canoe.
I take a pic of the drawing and send it to my friend.
“Peanut in vagina!” she replies.

I smile and feel like nuts.

Writing by Eva Depoorter