Chris Dyer Positive Creations

Sedated Slave Ship

Trying to connect modern visions to ancient worlds with optimism and hopes for universal love, Chris Dyer is a visionary artist whose style is an extraordinary representation of celestial beings maneuvering through psychedelic journeys and complex scenes interacting with characters from other realms and dimensions.

Muncher of Mushroomland

The artist’s own spiritual beliefs and Peruvian-heritage are the influences behind these high-frequency creations, but he says his mission is deeper than the image: “Each piece has it’s own intention. I feel that it’s easier to connect to people and communicate something deep if I express myself honestly, which ideally, helps us evolve as a human race.”

Moksha Master

Chris Dyer is currently based in Montreal where his brand, Positive Creations originated as a studio for creating brightly energetic works of art and designs. Today, his work can be found on objects such as skateboards, apparel, murals and much, much more.

Knew Conscious Mural -Denver, Co

1. When you were a kid, did you envision yourself as an artist or did your talent/career manifest itself through the years?

In a way yes, but I never knew it. I was always too creative for my own good as a young kid. I would build clubhouses out of furniture and have an office desk in there where I would make books about my favorite things (mostly cartoons, video games and action figures). I was practicing for what I do today. However, adults told me that money was the reason to work, so in my mind I was going to be a lawyer or diplomat, which isn’t me. I’m happy that I followed my heart instead!

Chris Dyer Montreal studio

2. There is a great energy projecting through your artwork. If your art has purpose, what would you say that purpose is?

Thanks, I’m happy you see that. Each piece has it’s own intention and message, but the main purpose of my art would be to let myself express what I feel and have fun! I feel that by expressing myself honestly, it is easier to connect with people and communicate something deep, which ideally helps us all. I want to be happy and I want everybody else to be happy, so if my art can be part of that, I am stoked.

God of Healing

3. Traveling and giving back to the community is always present in your artist career. How does each one feed your artwork?

Well, travelling has become one of my biggest goals in life, to see the world, its cultures and riches are what it’s all about to me. It’s my greatest reward but at the same time, it teaches and grows me and then it reflects back out upon my art. I try to help who I can when I can. The more you give the more you receive, plus it feels good to make people happy!

4. You incorporate both art and design in your practice. Do you enjoy one more than the other? Why not stick to one.

I would say I enjoy painting more than design, but I need to take breaks from different styles and mediums so I don’t become bored. In addition, I can make much quicker money from design. Therefore, I have invested more time into getting my drawings skills up, which then in turn get back into my paintings later on. Everything feeds everything, and a varied life is interesting to me.

Future Primitive

5. How does art utilize one’s spiritual beliefs?

Well, I guess if you live from a spiritual understanding, everything is a reflection of that, especially art, which is the communication of an individual’s understanding of things. Reality changes as much as individuals do. This is why my art will grow and change with me as I experience new things.

On July 11th, Chris Dyer will be painting live in Downtown, Brooklyn and also hosting a workshop in Wappingers Falls at Alex and Alison Grey’s Cosm in August.

Neo Human Evolution