Street Art

  • Miru, Shards and I – See One: Made in New York


    When someone asks where you are from and you are from New York but you ain’t no transplant, you say “born and raised”. Born and raised is also Brooklyn’s See One and so is his iconic, little dragon, Miru which was originally inspired by Japanese cartoon characters. But while Miru’s been gaining popularity in and […]

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  • Sek3: From Graffiti Kid to Gallery Owner & Why To Invest In Street Art

    Sek3 QueensCourage

    From a graffiti kid in the 90’s to gallery owner and just a straight up guy, Sek3 has served the New York Street Art scene for well, most of his life, with no signs of ever slowing down. Recently, the artist landed a major project in Nigeria, where he painted a tribute commissioned by the […]

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  • Reuse and recycle: Francisco de Pajaro “Art Is Trash”

    Francisco de Pajaro "Art is Trash"

    How can you tell a good piece of art from a piece trash? Is there a difference between found objects, recycled materials and umm…trash? Francisco de Pajaro, aka “Art is Trash”, is a Barcelona-based artist that transforms piles of OUR trash into works of art before the garbage truck rides off. No sugarcoating, no gimmicks. […]

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    March 15, 2014 – March 24, 2014 Bridging the gap between works on the street and works on canvas, paper sketches are often relegated to dusty scrapbooks and old shoeboxes. PIECE will allow viewers into the minds of select New York City artists as they demonstrate how each piece is the creative product of an […]

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  • a.k.a. THE BUNNYMAN


    You may know him as Adam Dare or you may know him as The Bunnyman. But if you are in the underground art scene in New York City, I can guarantee one thing; you know him! Dare’s been around since way-back-then when the main target for street artists was the subway system and when hip-hop […]

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  • 5Pointz – The Guardian Of Street Art And Graffiti

    graffiti painting

    “Life is Art.”Inked in pink,black and orange on a metal garbage collection bin – a message for all to see. It becomes even clearer as you observe King Kong, Biggie Smalls, a gothic city, giant size fishes and cartoon like characters in technicolor, on concrete. Yes, public art, in a private space. Stretching an entire […]

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  • Who Hasn’t Heard That Banksy’s Back In Town?

    For the entire month of October, everyone’s favorite mystery-man will be stenciling, or should I say “exhibiting,” new work all over the street of New York. My only request for the duke of contemporary street art; please, I beg you please, come to Bed-Stuy. Biggy and ODB are so tired of being the only hot […]

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  • Busking: Retaining Your Creative Integrity / A Talk With Brian Russo

    The definition of a “busker” according to Merriam Webster is “a person who entertains in a public place for donations.” So, would a brilliant illustrator and design artist who shares his remarkable talent with New Yorkers waiting for the L train at the 14th Street platform qualify for this title? Absolutely. In fact, he may […]

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