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  • Open Call For Art – P.INK OCTOBER

    P.INK OCTOBER Call for Art

    P.INK October – Exhibition raising breast cancer awareness in Halloween fashion. All art submissions, and inquiries should be directed to: info@artograma.com or info@wynwoodblankcanvasproject.com. Deadline is October 17th. Works should be at the gallery and ready to hang by Friday, October 21st.

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  • Elizabeth Waterman – The Purpose of Art


    Elizabeth Waterman is on the lookout for those moments, places and people, which at first glimpse you walk past, but then you stop and take a few steps back. She is particularly interested in the kind of social gatherings that bring together the creative community of New York such as artists, gallerists, musicians, and performers […]

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  • Call for Art – Join the ARTograma Family


    Looking for professional online representation with opportunities to show your work? ARTograma is now accepting artist submissions of all mediums and levels of experience. Please submit a link to your website/online portfolio, an artist statement and five high-resolution images of your work to info@artograma.com with Artist Submission in the subject line. Please note, that due […]

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  • No Limits. No Lines.

    No Limits. No Lines.

    Impossible is just a big word thrown around by shallow minds who find it easier to live in the world they’ve created than to explore the power they have to change it. Impossible is not a fact. It’s an opinion. Impossible is not a declaration. It’s a dare. Impossible is potential. There are no limits […]

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  • Liliana Botero: Indigenous Inspiration

    Dragon - Liliana Botero

    At first look you may think of it as abstract but inspiration in Liliana Botero’s paintings come in equal parts from figures, tribal elements and nature. Growing up in Colombia, Botero sought inspiration from the indigenous people of Panama and Colombia, the Kuna. Famous for their bright molas – meaning blouse or clothing in Kuna […]

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  • Miru, Shards and I – See One: Made in New York


    When someone asks where you are from and you are from New York but you ain’t no transplant, you say “born and raised”. Born and raised is also Brooklyn’s See One and so is his iconic, little dragon, Miru which was originally inspired by Japanese cartoon characters. But while Miru’s been gaining popularity in and […]

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  • Andy Golub: Everyday is Bodypainting Day

    Ali Cayenne body painting by Andy Golub, photo: Harry Martin

    In the last few years, Andy Golub has become notoriously known as New York’s body painter and for having “stressful conversations with the police” for doing no wrong but only what he loves; painting on humans. His most recent project, Body Painting Day, was funded by a successful Kickstarter campaign, which brought together hundreds of […]

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  • JPO: Artist Making Headlines with Gap

    My Good Side - JPO art

    John Paul O’Grodnick, aka JPO, has put the Bronx on the map for contemporary art making headlines with his recent deal to create one-of-a-kind, limited edition jeans for Gap. Growing up in an artistic household in Connecticut, JPO says his dad’s music career and his older sister’s interest in New York art, was his early-age […]

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  • Yeah, That’s What She Said.


    YTWSS is a radical pop-up space of collectively self-organized, sliding-scale arts and education programming and community events by and for women. Daytime events include workshops in self-defense and self-care exclusively for women-identified people. Evening events are open to the public and are all held as benefits for different groups doing important work for freedom in […]

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  • Chris Dyer Positive Creations

    Sedated Slave Ship

    Trying to connect modern visions to ancient worlds with optimism and hopes for universal love, Chris Dyer is a visionary artist whose style is an extraordinary representation of celestial beings maneuvering through psychedelic journeys and complex scenes interacting with characters from other realms and dimensions. The artist’s own spiritual beliefs and Peruvian-heritage are the influences […]

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  • Open Call: The Manifest Project

    The Manifest Project

    Organized by Marcano Maldonado Art Project mmartproject@gmail.com 407.432.9649 When: Miami Art Basel Week December 2-6,2015 Where: Spectrum Art Fair The preference for certain colors over others are driven by three factors: architecture, nature and the people who enrich the culture. Manifest Project is an international installation that reflects the many different manifestations of color and […]

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  • Andre Mauro: Human Imperfection

    Jane by Andre Mauro

    Figure and cubism still exists in the art of self-taught contemporary artist, Andre Mauro. The artist says his works brings “an ancient technique to a modern world” and although his aim is towards a more primitive and expressionist approach, Mauro says, he feels the need to continue the legacy of the proclaimed, Pablo Picasso. In […]

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    Opening: Thursday, June 18th, 2015, 7-10pm Outlaw Arts Gallery will be papered with black photography set paper and low lit with yellow vintage filament lights. Located at the entrance is a confrontational, eight-foot high black wood “X” (with serifs) with a cauldron with lights in it pointing up like boiling flames and fog machine. Everything […]

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  • PJ Linden: Where Art meets Meticulous Design


    Inspired by nature and aquatic life, PJ Linden has tapped into a niche somewhere between fine art and design, and because of her perfectionist skills, it is often assumed her work is machine made. “It’s just a platform where my obsessive compulsiveness lives” the artist says of the meticulous nature-inspired pattern designs. “[My medium] has […]

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  • Sek3: From Graffiti Kid to Gallery Owner & Why To Invest In Street Art

    Sek3 QueensCourage

    From a graffiti kid in the 90’s to gallery owner and just a straight up guy, Sek3 has served the New York Street Art scene for well, most of his life, with no signs of ever slowing down. Recently, the artist landed a major project in Nigeria, where he painted a tribute commissioned by the […]

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