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Michael Alan Art

Just a quick visit to Michael Alan’s art studio, or his social-media presence, is guaranteed to prove that abstract painting is still alive amongst contemporary artists. The city never seizes to amaze with its art culture, and if we could have a top ten list of artists to invest in, artist Michael Alan – “an alien who wants well and to exist with a twist of chaos and a big splash of toxic paint!” would be somewhere at the top. As a young kid, Alan had an interesting start to his artist career but at mid-career has now produced over two-thousand works and sold more than half of that. Needless to say, this artist is on a well-lit path and already Michael Alan has left his print in the art world.

Michael Alan Art

Do you work from an idea, or do you go into it boundless?

I make art. To me that is never putting limitations on yourself, this is a form of freedom. I would not make art if there were limitations.

What is your very first childhood memory?

MA – They are more like dreams or questionable realities. I have several questionable potential childhood memories. I would rather not get into each of them because I question whether they are even real. I do remember drawing dicks all over everyone’s desks in kindergarten or first grade and then hiding in the closet. In addition, while I was in the closet I figured I am pretty much caught so why not paint up the closet with more dicks and then I was caught and expelled. The whole room was filled with dicks as most rooms are.

What is the most memorable response to your work that truly inspired you?

MA- I painted a picture called Little Boy Blue in remembrance of Mike Kelley. Raymond Pettison came to see it and then bought the work to put in his son’s room. It really left a deep impression on me for more than one reason.

With a new book in the market, a collection of his works, Alan is sure to continue growing and we are on the watch.

Michael Alan Book

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Quote credit: Art Info