You may know him as Adam Dare or you may know him as The Bunnyman. But if you are in the underground art scene in New York City, I can guarantee one thing; you know him! Dare’s been around since way-back-then when the main target for street artists was the subway system and when hip-hop was still hot.

He took “hiatus” for awhile but since then, he’s comeback loaded with spray cans in each hand and lots of love for the streets. I sat down with Dare in a recent interview and we chatted about his work, career goals and the pothole that almost caused him his life.


Join us on December 12th at the Westway Club in NYC as the FightForDare continues with a silent auction fundraiser. Some of the participating artists that will be auctioned off are: Mr. Kaves, ELLE Dead Sex, UR new york, Essam, the KEO X-men crew, Fumaro, Whisbe, Vinny Paz (Boxer), TONE TANK, Gumshow and of course, ADAM DARE a.k.a. THE BUNNYMAN.

By Gergana Campos