At ARTograma our primary goal is to expose emerging and mid-career artists as we uncover their creative strengths and visions. We work with artists to help them establish their professional image through our services, and we are committed to continually create opportunities for showcasing, reviewing, and selling contemporary talent.


– We review creative works by emerging and mid-career artists and provide them the opportunity to sell their work through our online gallery.

– We offer artists the chance to build their brands and establish their professional image and get paid fairly for their work.

– We create new opportunities for artists to sell their work through our participation at art fairs, curated exhibitions and other events.

Our small video productions and interviews take viewers behind the scenes to discover what it really takes to succeed in the business of making art.

This is a non-exclusive environment. We invite any mediums and levels of experience to submit their work for consideration.

Our ideas and goals are the building blocks to living a dream-come-true life. Uninstall anything that’s stopping you and DREAM BIG!


He makes it, she curates it. Ariel and GiGi Campos met through their  mutual  love for the arts, and instantly stars were born.

Ariel GG Session-14

GiGi, a New York-based curator. Ariel, the born-to-be artist.  She is an art historian by degree and entrepreneur at heart. He is a creative genius and a business professional. She moved to New York to pursue a career in the arts but she quickly realized that she was not the “assistant” type. He moved to New York to pursue a career in the arts but he quickly realized there was no money in that. She threw herself in the local art scene attending events, writing about local art, collaborating with artists, and curating underground art shows. He was right there by her side embracing the powerful energy of the big city, studying the universe and its cosmic energies through his art.

Their goal with ARTograma is to empower artists and create opportunities that expose new and original art through reviews, interviews, and other curated events.

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