5 Questions for Richard Rothbard founder of Contemporary Art Fair NY.

Contemporary AF 2014 Michael Katz Medicine Buddha

Whether art savvy or just a fan, the 2014 Contemporary Art Fair NYC sure has something for everyone. With a wide range of fine art and unique installations to applied arts, this fair offers more affordable options for anyone looking to expand or start their personal collection.

Here is what Richard Rothbard, founder of Contemporary Art Fair NY has to say about their first year at the Chelsea Tunnel and what others should expect:

1). What are some of the highlights of the 2014 Contemporary Art Fair, NYC?

-One of the unusual highlights is the fact that we are the only show that represents artists who are not necessarily represented by any gallery. If you are an artist, you are here. If you are in a gallery, you’re probably at one of the other fairs. Another thing that we pride ourselves in is the wide range of installations created by young, emerging artists. What you see here is beyond functional art (better know as craft). People don’t like that word in the art world, but these are all amazing pieces.

2). How does this art fair stand out from others?

-We have the most diverse collection of paintings and sculpture mixed in with glass, ceramics, and wood. Here, you can buy a piece for $200 or $10,000. Prices at most of the other art fairs are much, much higher than what we have here. We are extremely reasonable in terms of pricing, but most importantly, we are creating an opportunity for emerging artists to exhibit their work in face of hundreds upon hundreds, some which are collectors, fans, curators, art critiques, gallery owners, and more.

3). What do you look for when selecting the artists?

– Something that gets me excited.

4). So would you say that good art subjective?

– You know, I’m very good of selecting and recognizing quality craftsmanship when it comes to glass, wood, and pottery. But to answer your question: Yes. Good art is one hundred percent subjective.

5). What can we expect from the Contemporary Art Fair in the future?

– This is our first year in the Chelsea Tunnel, so if people come and they buy, we are going to do more art fairs wherever there is an opportunity. We really have a great show ahead of us, and we are ready to take on New York.


The Tunnel, 269 11th Ave. at 27th Street, New York, NY 10001

Preview: Thursday, May 8th, 4pm-8pm

General Admission: Friday, May 9th, 10am-7pm; Saturday, May 10, 10am-7pm;
Sunday, May 11, 11am-5pm

General Admission: Adults – $12 Seniors – $10 Students – $8 Children under 10 – Free.
Preview: $20. Cash at entrance. Advance Online Purchase: Adults – $10 Preview: $20