Aneta Ivanova Photography Q & A

Aneta Ivanova

Aneta Ivanova is an artist whose “brush” happens to be a camera. At first that might seem almost like a contradiction in terms, but in her case it is not. In fact, to hear her describe the way she works, it is the perfect way to merge the things she sees and the artwork she creates, between the camera and Photoshop.

“My work is both sensual and emotional, a juxtaposition of the individual and the surrounding, between the surface and what’s happening inside.”

Ivanova’s work is a natural product of her love for travel, a way to show the world what she has experienced.

1. What kind of tools do you use for processing?

I use my DSLR camera and photoshop. Most of the time, I first capture the landscape (or urban, or nature) elements, then the silhouette. Afterwards I just blend them in Photoshop.

2. You seem to equally enjoy working in both color as well as black white. Do you shoot in both or does color come with the process of editing?

I always shoot in color and then turn the photographs in black and white. I definitely prefer black and white but I decided to get out of my comfort zone and explore color too. There are projects that just can’t be done in color and other ones that can’t go without it, so my decision depends on the situation.

Aneta Ivanova Photography

3. How important is Photoshop in your final image? What is your most used Photoshop tool, plug-in, action set etc.?

I use Photoshop to blend the two photographs together and then apply some contrast and color adjustments. I don’t use plugins or actions. I just put the two photographs one over another and change the blending mode to “screen” which is the closest to the real double exposure technique.

4. Is there anyone or anything you would love to photograph?

I would love to travel more and photograph every new place I visit. Mostly mountains and seas, then big cities and foreign people.

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