Molly McIntyre: Paper Thin

Molly McIntyre is a contemporary artist working with cut paper. She used to be in a band but now she works in, both, animation and illustration because she likes storytelling and highlighting the humble moments of our everyday lives.

Originally from Philadelphia, in 2011 McIntyre received her MFA in Interdisciplinary Studio Art from Maine College of Art. After college she moved to California and then to Brooklyn where she now lives and works as a freelance artist. Her latest job was a animated music video for Distant Correspondent (featured in our interview) but she’s works with lots of cool stuff like, book trailers and cut-paper art through which she likes to express herself and her personal relationships. Sometimes she even narrates her own videos.

With a slight hint of melancholy in everything she does, Molly’s use of imagery speaks with joy and her stories will make you smile with reminiscence.

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Watch the full version of the animation featured in our interview by clicking here.